Colorado Facts

State Location Colorado Location In The US
State Abbreviation CO
Statehood August 1, 1876
State Capital Denver
State Size Total (Land + Water): 104,094 sq miles; Land Only: 103,718 sq miles
Number of Counties 63
State Population (2015)5,456,574
State Population Density52.6 people / square mile
Electoral Votes9
State Quarter Issue Date June 14, 2006
State Motto Nil sine numine (Nothing without the Deity)
State Flower Rocky Mountain columbine
State Tree Colorado blue spruce
State Bird Lark Bunting
Nickname Centennial State
State Flag Colorado State Flag
State Gas Tax$0.2200 / Gallon
State Cigarette Tax$0.84 / Pack
Area Codes 303,719,720,970
Top 5 Cities (2010 population) Denver (600,158)
Colorado Springs (416,427)
Aurora (325,078)
Fort Collins (143,986)
Lakewood (142,980)
Major Sports Teams MLB: Colorado Rockies
NFL: Denver Broncos
NBA: Denver Nuggets
NHL: Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Fun Facts

  • The word 'Colorado' means 'colored' or 'colored red' in Spanish. The Colorado state was named after the Colorado River, which Spanish explorers named 'Río Colorado' (meaning 'colored river') for the red silt the river carried from the mountains.
  • Colorado is one of the states that form the Four Corners, the only location in the United States where four states intersect at one point. The other three states are Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.
  • Colfax Avenue in Denver is the longest continuous street in America
  • The world's first rodeo was held on July 4th, 1869 in Deer Trail.
  • Colorado has the highest paved road in North America. The road to Mt. Evans climbs to 14,258 ft. above sea level.
  • Denver is nicknamed "The Mile High City" because its official elevation is exactly one mile (5,280 feet) above sea level.
  • The 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is exactly 1 mile high above sea level
  • Dove Creek is the pinto bean capital of the world.
  • The Pike's Peak Cog Railway in Manitou Springs is the highest railway in the United States, with a peak elevation of 14,111 feet above sea level.
  • Colorado is the only state with an official State Cactus: Claret cup cactus.
  • In Colorado, it is unlawful to mutilate a rock in a state park.

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